before you continue!

A few things to note about the Contest;

Eligibility: You MUST be between the ages of 12 and 35.

Topic/Title: You are free to write on any topic or title of your choice; that includes the genre.

Word Count: Your essay MUST NOT be more than 1500 words.

Originality/Plagiarism: Your essay MUST be free of plagiarism. Defaulters will be automatically disqualified. Be original!

Evaluation: The Contest is structured in rounds. As such, there will be multiple processes of evaluation including Screening, Pre-selection, Voting, etc.

Rights/Permissions: We (the organizers) reserve the right to publish, share, distribute, and/or modify (whether electronically – online or offline – or otherwise) your essay. However, the copyright and ownership of the essay (material) are retained by the participants.

Code of Conduct: This Contest emphasizes respect, fairness, and professionalism among participants. Any act of violation shall result in automatic disqualification, no matter the level of participation.

Prizes/Recognition: The winner of the Contest gets a Cash prize of Twenty Thousand Naira and a fully designed/hosted Blog for One Year (with your choice domain – worth N30,000). Plus other surprise bonuses.

Duration: The Contest shall run from 10th to 15th July 2023. Any late submission shall result in automatic disqualification.